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MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com allows Users to submit requests for service to independent third-party real estate and other related service providers. Users agree to supply MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com with information about themselves and the property they want to sell or hope to buy. MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com will use this information to provide certain details on an anonymous or non-anonymous basis to third-party affiliates who are, in most cases, Users of its network. As MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com uses e-mail and telephones to provide MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com services, all MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com Users hereby consent to receive e-mails and telephone calls from MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com to qualify for and participate in MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com services. MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com users consent to receive e-mails and telephone calls from third parties, as MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com User's service requests to and/or through MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com may require services from these third parties.

User affirms that all of the information user provides to MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com, whether online or otherwise, is accurate and complete. User also agrees to update MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com with current and accurate information, if at any time the information User provided to MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com changes. MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com reserves its right to terminate or suspend access to MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com services to any user whose information MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com believes, at MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com's sole discretion, to be inaccurate or misleading.

MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com may refer Professional Service Providers, mortgage lending or other service providers (collectively, "Service Providers") to Users. The terms of any agreement between a User and any Service Provider referred by MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com are not endorsed, warranted, guaranteed, recommended or otherwise known to or by MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com.

For its services and referrals, MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com may receive payment from Service Providers. Usership with MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com and use of MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com services constitutes User's acknowledgment of and agreement to this compensation arrangement.

MetroDetroitHUDHomes.com may from time to time offer eligible Users promotional opportunities. Not all Users may be eligible to receive all promotional opportunities.